Tortilla Benedictito


6" Yellow Corn 5 oz.
6" Red Corn 7 oz.
Tortilla Benedictito

Original Recipe Serves 6


6 Mission® 6" Yellow Corn Tortillas (10503)  
3 Mission® 6" Red Corn Tortillas (10611)  
1 qt.  Vegetable Oil  
16 oz.  Salsa  
12  Eggs , cracked 
12 oz. Smoked Turkey Breast , shaved 
6 sprigs  Cilantro  
1 oz. Avocado Hollandaise  (see Related Recipe) 


1.) Cut a slit in each of the Mission® Yellow Corn Tortillas, one-half the diameter of the tortilla.

2.) Roll the tortilla to form a cone, place in a fry basket and fry in 350°F oil until crisp.

3.) Drain excess oil and lightly dry with paper towel.

4.) Season with salt and pepper and reserve.

5.) In a sauce pan, heat the salsa until simmering.

6.) Add the eggs to the salsa and lightly poach the eggs.

7.) Place a corn tortilla cone in a large martini glass.

8.) Warm the smoked turkey on a grill and place a 2 ounce portion in the center of the tortilla cone. Top the turkey with two salsa poached eggs, 2 ounces of warm salsa and 1 ounce of Avocado Hollandaise. Garnish the dish with a nest of fried red corn tortilla strips and cilantro spring.

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