Causa Limena Nachos


6" Pressed Mazina
Causa Limena Nachos

Original Recipe Serves 12

Prep Time 10 min
Cooking Time 0 min


12 each  6" Pressed Mazina™ Tortillas (08042)  
3 1/2 lbs.  Purple Potatoes , peeled , boiled 
1/4 cup  Heavy Cream  
1/4 cup  Butter  
3/4 cup  Lemon Juice , fresh 
48 each  Shrimp , grilled , peeled , deveined , chilled , cut into 3rds 
1 lb.  Avocado , cut into 1/3" squares 
Creamy Orange Vinaigrette , see related recipe 


1.) Pre-heat oven to 350°F.

2.) In a large bowl, combine potatoes, cream, butter and lemon juice. Mix well to combine. Place into a 2” ½ hotel pan, smooth out, and cover. Reserve chilled.

3.) Cut each tortilla into four wedges and place on a rack over a parchment lined sheet tray. Bake for 5-8 minutes or until crispy. Reserve.

4.) To plate: place four crispy tortillas on a plate. Place a 0.8 oz (1” round) of purple potatoes on each chip. Top with 3 pieces of shrimp, 3 pieces of avocado, and ½ tbsp. Creamy Orange Vinaigrette. Serve.

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